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CoNZEBs presents project outcomes at IAQVEC 2019 in Bari

On 6th September 2019 the CoNZEBs project was the core of a session on Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (NZEBs) at the 10th International Conference on Indoor Air Quality, Ventilation and Energy Conservation in Buildings (IAQVEC 2019). In total six presentations on the project and its outcomes have been held and discussed with the session attendants:

  • Cost-efficient Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings - The CoNZEBs project presented by Heike Erhorn-Kluttig (Fraunhofer IBP)
  • Survey and solutions to identify potential cost reduction in the design and construction process of nearly zero energy multi-family houses presented by Michele Zinzi (ENEA)
  • End-users' opinion on living in multi-family Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings presented by Marjana Šiljanec Zavrl (GI ZRMK)
  • Solution sets for the cost optimisation of Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings in four European countries presented by Kirsten Engelund Thomsen (SBi-AAU)
  • Life-cycle costs and environmental assessment of Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings in four European countries presented by Ove Mørck (Kuben Management)
  • Model House F3 in Ljubljana - Nearly Zero Energy Building presented by Damjana Varsek (SSRS)

The presentations attracted a comparably large crowd taking into account that five parallel sessions and a forum took place at the same time. Questions included the consideration of maintenance costs and the transferability of the alternative NZEB solution sets and the identified procedural cost-savings in the design and construction phase to other countries.